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His name is Burgas.


He has a population of 200,271 people and is the fourth most populous city in the country.

Burgas is the most important economic, transport, administrative and cultural center in southeastern Bulgaria.


Near Burgas is operating the largest in Southeastern Europe, chemical and oil refinery, which is the largest employer in Bulgaria.There are international and the second busiest Bulgarian airport, Bulgaria's largest port and the only oil port in the country.

The Crest

Crest of Bourgas combines a blue shield some historical facts about the city. So a lion symbolizes the courage of those who have settled in this difficult place to live, and its fish tail - the abundance of fish. Lion hold in his hand tower as a symbol of the tower, from which is derived the name of Bourgas. Over blue shield depicts two caravels that symbolize Bourgas as old and one of the most important ports of the Black Sea coast.



History of project

The present name of the town derives from the Latin word Burgus / Burgos - Tower. According to local tradition the name comes from the Roman road pillar, so called burg, which was laid in the area of ​​today's port of Burgas.

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Our users


Along with the national print media that have applications Burgas region of Burgas to print a number of regional newspapers and magazines. Among them are dailies Black Lighthouse, compass and Burgas, Today and Tomorrow; weeklies Desant, Factor, Compass and Hello Burgas, and magazines Sea and Virginia.

Among the local radio and television stations stands SKAT TV, one of the largest in Bulgaria. Other local media have cable TV Kanal 0, TV Mix and RN-TV and radio stations Radio Maya, Power FM  and Radio Burgas.

Internet portals are informed of news related to Bourgas are: burgasnews.com, e-burgas.com, burgassport.bg, zonaburgas.bg, chernomorie-bg.com, burgas24.bg, and news portals national print media.